Fish To choose

  1. Red Grouper Fish
  2. Black Grouper Fish
  3. Tiger Grouper Fish
  4. Snapper

Coocking Style

  1. Steamed Fish Ala Hongkong 
  2. Steamed Fish Ala Chao Zhou 
  3. Steamed Fish Ala Thailand
  4. Steamed Fish Al Sze Chuan 
  5. Steamed Fish with Lemon & Black Bean Paste 
  6. Steamed Fish Ala Nyonya 
  7. Fish with Sweet and Sour
  8. Fried Fish with Spicy Sour
  9. Curry Fish
  10. Deep Fried Fish with Spicy Salt
  11. Fried Fish with Ginger Garlic
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