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Sauteed Cuttlefish with Salted Egg Sauce Sauteed Cutlefish with Spicy Salt Sauteed Cuttlefish with Butter Sauce  Sauteed Cuttlefish with Chilli Sauce Cuttlefish Calamari  Hot Plate Cuttlefish


Fish To choose Red Grouper Fish Black Grouper Fish Tiger Grouper Fish Snapper Coocking Style Steamed Fish Ala Hongkong  Steamed Fish Ala Chao Zhou  Steamed Fish Ala Thailand Steamed Fish Al Sze Chuan  Steamed Fish with Lemon & Black Bean Paste  Steamed Fish Ala Nyonya  Fish with Sweet and Sour Fried Fish with Spicy Sour …

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Prawn with Salted Egg Sauce Ala Chef  Quick Fry Prawn with Creamy Black Pepper Sauce Quick Fry Prawn with Butter Sauce  Quick Fry Prawn with Chilli Sauce  Quick Fry Prawn with Ginger & Garlic  Deep Fried Roll Prawn Curry Prawn Steam Prawn with Garlic Fry Prawn with Oats Quacker

Mantis Prawn

Sauced Mantis Prawn With Salted Egg Sauce Ala Chef  Quick Fry Mantis Prawn with Creamy Black Pepper Sauce Quick Fry Mantis Prawn with Butter Sauce Quick Fry Mantis Prawn with Chili Sauce Deep Fried Ball Mantis Prawn  Claypot Curry Mantis Prawn Steam Mantis Prawn with Garlic Fry Mantis Prawn with Oats Quacker Quick Fry Mantis …

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Signature Salted Egg Crayfish Ala chef  Chilli Crayfish Black Pepper Crayfish Steamed Crayfish with Chinese wine  Braised Crayfish with Vermicelli  Sauteed Crayfish Ginger + Garlic  Sauteed Crayfish with Spicy salt


Crab To Choose Mud Crab  Flower Crab  Coocking Style Signature Salted Egg Crab  Chilli Crab  Black Pepper Crab  Steamed Crab with Chinese wine  Steamed Crab with vermicelli Steamed Crab with Ginger + Garlic  Steamed Crab with spicy salt


Steamed Lobster with Garlic Lobster Porridage  Sauced Lobster with salted Egg sauce  Sauteed Lobster with chilli sauce  Sauteed Lobster with Black Pepper sauce  Sauteed Lobster with Spicy salt  Sauteed Lobster with Ginger and Garlic Double Combination Lobster Platter Ala Chef  Sauteed Lobster with Creamy Black Pepper Sauce  Sauteed Lobster with Mozarella Cheese  Braised Lobster with …

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