1. Steamed Lobster With Garlic
  2. Lobster Porridge
    Sauced Lobster with Salted Egg Sauce
  3. Sauteed Lobster with Chili Sauce
  4. Sauteed Lobster with Butter Sauce
  5. Sauteed Lobster with Black Pepper Sauce
  6. Sauteed Lobster with Spicy Salt
  7. Sauteed Lobster with Ginger and garlic
  8. Dauble Combination Lobster Platter Ala Chef
  9. Sauteed Lobster with Creamy Black Papper Sauce
  10. Sauteed Lobster with Mozarella Cheese
    Braised Lobster with Rice Spperior Broth
  11. Fried Lobster with Oats Netsum
  12. Fresh Fruit Lobster Platter


  1. Signature Salted Egg Crab
    Chili Crab
  2. Black Papper Crab
  3. Steamed Crab with
  4. Chinnese wine
  5. Steamed Crab with Chinnesevermicelli
  6. Sauteed Crab with Ginger + Garlic
  7. Sauted Crab WITH spicy salt


  1. Signature Salted Egg Crayfish Ala Chef
  2. Chili Crayfish
  3. Black Pepper Crayfish
  4. Steamed Crayfish with Chinese Wine
  5. Braised Craifish with vermicelli
  6. Sauteed Crayfish with Gingger + Garlic
  7. Sauteed Crayfish with `Spicy Salt

Mantis Prawn

  1. Sauced Mantis Prawn with Salted Egg Sauce Ala Chef
  2. Quick Fry Mantis Prawn with Cresamiy Black Pepper Sauce
  3. Quick Fry Mantis Prawn with Butter Sauce
  4. Quick Fry Mantis Prawn with Chili Sause
  5. Deep Fried Ball Mantis Prawn
  6. Claypot Curry Mantis Prawn
  7. Steam Mantis Prawn With Garlic
  8. Fry Mantis Parwn with Oats Quacker
    Quick Fry Mantis
  9. Prawn with Ginger & Garlic


  1. Prawn with salted egg Sauce Ala Chef
  2. Quick Fry Parwn with Creamy Black Papper Sauce
  3. Quick Fry Parwn with Butter Sauce
  4. Quick Fry Parwn with Chili Sauce
  5. Quick Fry Parwn with Ginnger & Garlic
  6. Deep Fried Roll Parwn
  7. Curry Parwn
  8. Steam Prawn with Grlic
  9. Fry Parawn Oatas Quacker


  1. Steamed Fish Ala Hongkong
  2. Steamed Fish Ala Cao Zhou
  3. Steamed Fish Ala Thailand
  4. Steamed Fish Ala Sze Chuan
  5. Steamed Fish Ala Lemon & Black Bean Paste
  6. Steamed Fish Ala Nyonya
  7. Fish with Sweet and Sour
  8. Fied Fish with Spicy Sour
  9. Curry Fish
  10. Deep Fried Fish with Spicy Salt
  11. Fried Fish Ginger Garlic


Sauteed Cuttlefish with Salted Egg Sauce

  1. Sauteed Cutlefish with Spicy Salt
  2. Sauteed Cuttlefish with Butter Sauce
  3. Sauteed Cbttlefis with Chilli Sauce
  4. Cuttlefish Calamari
  5. Hot plate Cuttlefish

Sea Shell






  1. Steamed Seallop with Carlie Vermicelli
  2. Steamed Seallop with Black Bean Paste
  3. Gonggong Shell with Burnies
  4. Dry Incese Clam
  5. Sauteed Clam Chilli Sauce

Hot Plate

  1. Hot Plate Beancurd Village with Fresh Seafoo
  2. Hot Plate Beancurd Village with “Ma Por’
  3. Sizzling Hot Plate Beancurd Village

Hot Plate Bepncur Village With Sea Cucumber

Beef Hot Plate

  1. Sauted Sliced Beef
    Meat with Assorted Capsicum

  2. Hot Plate Beef with Curry
    Hot Plate Sliced Be with “Black Bean Paste

  3. Hot Plate Sliced Beef Ala Sze Chuan

  4. Hot Plate Sliced Beet with Blackpepper Souce

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