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Beer and Soft Drinks

Beer, Bintang, Carlsberg, Tiger, Heineken (330ml) Smirnoff Ice, Bintang Crystal Pint Guiness (330 ml) Bintang Bottle, Guinness (Bottle) (620ml)  Coca cola, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Red Bull, Pocari, Sova, Chrysanthemum, Green Tea, Lomon Tea.  Chinnese Tea

Soft Drink

Milo Condensed Milk  Lemon Tea Coffee Tea Teh Tarik Cappucino Mocca

Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh Coconut Tomato Orange  Dragon Fruit  Soursop Mango  Watermelon Avocado Carrot Guava Pineapple


Broccoli with Garlic  Broccoli with Oyster Sauce  Baby Kailan with Garlic  Baby Kailan with Oyster Sauce  Bean Sprouts with Garlic Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish  Chinese Cabbage with Anchovies Chinese Cabbage with Garlic  Chinese Cabbage with Oyster Sauce  Water Spinach with Garlic  Water Spinach with Sambal Malay  Sautéed French Bean with Diced Prawn Braised Broccoli …

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Rice, Noodle, Vermicel

Mangrove Fried Rice  Seafood Fried Rice Pineapple Fried Rice  Olive Fried Rice  Anchovies Fried Rice  Special Fried Rice Chilli Fried Rice Seafood – Noodle, Vermicelli (Dry, Wet, Soup) Stir Fry Longevity with Assorted Seafood Crab Fried Rice


Pan Fry Omelette with Sweet & Sour Pan Fry Omelette with Onion Pan Fry Omelette with Fresh Prawn Pan Fry Omelette With Meat Oyster


Braised Beancurd Claypot Fresh Crab Meat Ala Chef  Braised ‘Ma Por” Beancurd Claypot with Sea Cucumber Braised Beancurd Claypot with Assorted Seafood & Egg  Braised Beancurd Claypot Seasoned Seafood & Salted Egg


Combination Assorted Seafood Steamboat Assorted Seafood Steamboat With Tomyum Soup  Garlic Fish with Assorted Seafood Steamboat


Seafood Soup  Gastric Fish Soup Seaweed Soup  Asparagus Soup  Mushroom Soup Combination Vegetable Soup  Tofu Soup  Thailand Tom Yam Seafood Soup  Fish Soup Red Grouper Fish  Black Grouper Fish Tiger Grouper Fish Snapper


Sautéed Chicken with Oriental BB Sauce  Sauteed Chicken with Coca-Cola Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic  Quick Fry Chicken with Chilli Sauce  Fry Chicken with Ginger Garlic  Chicken Curry Quick Fry Chicken with Dried Chilli Sauce ‘Gong Bao’ Chicken with Lemon Sauce Sautéed Chicken with Salted Egg Sauce Sautéed Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce  Chicken With …

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